COVID-19 College Planning & FAQs

The Executive Leadership Team, along with our constituents have been actively putting together an implementation plan for all Clarkson College departments to utilize in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.  At Operations Council on Monday, March 16th department supervisors will be discussing future planning and will be working with all of the department faculty and staff to develop department specific COVID-19 Response plans with the goal of continuing operations of the College as much as possible.

Please view the Employee FAQs. Student specific communication will be shared by the end of the week prior to the start of classes on Monday.

The following are key points:

  • COVID-19 Webpage: A webpage has been created specific to Clarkson College and COVID-19 for you to reference and to share at: We will continue to add information to this page. If there is information you believe should be included, please reach out to Jina Paul, Vice President Operations and Alex Maltese, Director of Marketing.  
  • Personnel Planning: Please view Employee FAQs regarding PTO, FMLA…etc. for employees and COVID-19.
  • Travel: Regarding travel inside or outside of the US, please review the FAQ’s #13 and #14.

Planning for a pandemic event takes everyone on our campus. We all will do our part to continue to operate, educate our students and fulfill our Mission of Clarkson College in the event the campus is closed. If you have any questions, please contact your direct supervisor and more information will be coming soon. Thank you for your dedication to the health of our students and each other.  We have a special College community and our number one concern is always safety.