COVID-19 Update - Important Information

To promote a safe and healthy campus, Clarkson College has monitored and tracked COVID-19 campus cases since the Spring of 2020 for students, faculty, and staff.  As of March 20, 2023, Clarkson College will no longer track COVID-19 cases or require students to quarantine.  The College COVID website information will also no longer be updated.

To promote a safe campus, effective March 20, the College will operate in standard practices. The expectation to monitor health symptoms of all aliments will remain.  Students and employees are asked to follow the College and department attendance policies when not feeling well, which at a minimum include not attending in person events if you have a fever.  Now that quarantine procedures are no longer applicable, please be aware that testing COVID-19 positive but symptom free, no longer allows students an absence of 5 days.  Students should continue to work with their faculty/clinical instructors/directors if absent due to any illness with active symptoms.  College employees should report to their supervisors when an absence is necessary.  When College employees test COVID-19 positive, please also contact College Human Resources.

We recommend being mindful of washing your hands thoroughly, covering your nose/mouth when coughing and sneezing, and to continue to clean spaces after use.  We appreciate what we have learned from the pandemic, and good hygiene practices, along with continued College deep cleaning services will help maintain a healthy campus for everyone.

Thank you for your continued care for each other.