COVID-19 Updates April 2021

Looking Forward to Summer 2021

The summer 2021 semester begins May 17, 2021. All regularly scheduled theory courses and labs will resume in person and on campus.

Please take a moment to review the Our Path Ahead to Summer 2021 Guidebook that outlines campus processes and procedures for the summer semester. We also ask that you continue to read the COVID-19 email updates. More information regarding the College response to COVID-19 is available on our Coronavirus Resources webpage. 

COVID-19 Testing

Students in the Omaha metro area have a testing pathway that is free as of January 11, 2021. The process begins by completing the Student Quarantine Self-reporting form. After completing the form, students will be sent a scheduling link to set a date/time to be seen for testing at the Nebraska Medicine Universal Swab Center. Lab tests are at no cost to students, results vary between 24-48 hours and are sent directly to students electronically. 

Students outside the Omaha area may arrange testing through your personal health care provider, the local health authority (e.g., TestNebraska, TestIowa, County Health Department, etc.) or business (e.g., CVS, Walgreens). Please keep in mind that if this is a secondary exposure to a previous positive COVID-19 test administered within the last three months, your guidelines will be different than above. Please email for further instructions. 

COVID-19 Vaccinations 

Individuals who were not included in an earlier phase (or those eligible, but chose/did not receive at that time) are being directed to state and local health departments as the vaccination efforts moves into the next phase. Locally in Nebraska, this is based on your county of residence. As an example, an individual who lives in Sarpy County, but works or goes to school at Clarkson College in Douglas County, will be administered through the Sarpy/Cass County Health Department.

The State of Nebraska has indicated all Nebraska residents can register through the state portal and will be notified when they are eligible and with instructions on how to schedule your vaccination. Those who reside in other states are directed to their state of residence and their specific vaccination registration portal.   

Outside state registries, local health departments may also have a signup portal and process. Residents of Douglas County in Nebraska, may sign up and stay updated through the Douglas County health department page. Please note that there is no advantage for an individual to sign up through both a state and county health department portal (if available); this does not accelerate the timeline or eligibility for the individual.