Doctor in Healthcare Education & Leadership (Ed.D.)

The Clarkson College Doctor in Healthcare Education & Leadership (Ed.D.) program prepares professionals to teach, practice and perform research as well as implement innovative educational approaches in a wide range of environments. Discover how this degree will help you develop your skills, meet your career objectives, and affect change within your organization.

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Hear From an Ed.D. Student

With coursework that's 100% online, the Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) program at Clarkson College is designed for the busy professional. Study part- or full-time and design your dissertation to be applicable to your own experience. Watch our video to hear from an Ed.D. graduate and our Dean of Nursing about what makes this program and Clarkson Clarkson College unique.

Why You Should Consider an Ed.D.?

A Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) is a terminal degree that offers educators and professionals a wealth of opportunities. The program’s mission, outcomes and applications are rooted in education and its ability to affect change and influence society. Those interested in earning their Ed.D. have a desire to gain not only knowledge about performing research, but also the skills necessary to implement this research in their field.

Understanding the foundation

An Ed.D. program has a unique foundation that sets it apart from other degree options. Its purposes and learning outcomes stem from the basic principles of education and its application as a powerful tool for social change. Students gain practical expertise during their course of study that emphasizes adapting continued scholarship into professional practice to improve not only their organizations, but also the world around them.

The Ed.D. is also unique because of its wide range of professional applications. Anyone with instructional or educational responsibilities, not only in higher learning institutions, can gain useful skills for use in their current position or leadership roles.

Recognizing the applications

Ed.D. programs offer terminal practice degrees to educators and other professionals who wish to apply their research skills to solve educational problems. Graduates with their Ed.D. have the opportunity to establish their profession in practice and affect change within their organization.

Programs provide individuals with a broad-based, interprofessional education that prepares graduates to teach, practice and perform research in education and health care roles. The skills that students develop while enrolled in an Ed.D. program are applicable to numerous careers, whether graduates work at clinics, non-profit organizations, educational institutions or government agencies.

Customizing the outcomes

Designed for working professionals, Ed.D. coursework demonstrates how to develop policies and practices that are immediately applicable to the workplace. Graduates earn a return on their investment by gaining skills that prepare them for leadership and executive roles.

Ed.D. programs are flexible, and they allow students to design their coursework to meet their work environment. In a sense, a student’s workplace becomes a research lab where they can apply small-scale practices to affect change. Classmates have the opportunity to learn from one another and build relationships with fellow health care professionals.

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