A Typical Session

The first counseling session provides an opportunity for the student and the counselor to explore why professional consultation has been sought. The counselor obtains generalized knowledge on various aspects of the student's life that may have impacted the main problem area. At the end of the first session, the counselor will also help the student develop a course of action. If the student and counselor deem it would be beneficial for the student to return for a second session, an appointment may easily be scheduled.

Confidentiality: Providing students with a safe and trusting environment is an important aspect of counseling. No counseling-related information can be released without the student’s approval. Students age 19 and older who want to disclose information to others may do so by signing a release form. Please note: by law, counselors are required to report suspected child abuse or situations indicating imminent danger to self or others. In these situations, confidentiality may need to be broken.