Other Scholarship Resources

The resources listed below allow you to search a variety of outside scholarship funding opportunities. Awards range in different amounts for individuals with diverse backgrounds, those who are living in Nebraska and other areas, and anyone pursuing a degree or other educational options.

Student to Nurse (S2RN) Sponsorship Program in Pediatrics

At Children's Hospital & Medical Center, the new Student to Nurse Pediatric Sponsorship program provides exclusive sponsorship funds and employment to support nursing students who are interested in a pediatric nursing career. Nursing students will be hired into the program before the start of their junior year of nursing school.

  • Benefits of the program include:
    • $15,000 in sponsorship for education expenses
    • $5,000 bonus upon start of the Nurse Residency Program
    • Sponsorship funds for tuition and fees and/or other educational costs provided at key check points
    • Paid relevant work experience
    • Career readiness training
    • Preference for senior preceptorship placement
    • Enrollment in the Nurse Residency Program at the start of the S2RN program
  • More information can be found on the S2RN Sponsor Program website.

Air Force ROTC

Air Force ROTC students are eligible to compete for college scholarships. Students should enroll in Air Force ROTC classes offered at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO). Eligibility and application requirements can be found on UNO's Air Force ROTC website.

For further information about the Air Force ROTC Scholarship programs, please contact UNO ROTC at 402.554.2318 or visit their website.


Scholarships are only one type of financial aid offered through the college. Other financial aid opportunities include grants, work study opportunities, and a variety of loans, including locally sponsored as well as federal loan opportunities. Clarkson College encourages students to explore all financial aid options available and to only borrow what they need to cover their educational costs.